For many, the decision to opt for a powder coat in favor of a traditional liquid finish comes as a result of powder coating’s superior durability, increased capacity for unique design and affordable value.

While these are all surefire advantages that have led to powder coating’s immense popularity, there is also a multitude of environmental benefits associated with powder coating.

So, not only do powder coats provide customers with a highly durable and unique product, but they also allow them to make a convenient and effective contribution to the environment’s well being!

Perhaps the most important environmental benefit is that, unlike traditional liquid finishes, powder coatings do not contain any solvents. These solvents found in liquid finishes emit harmful pollutants known as volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Conversely, the quantity of VOC’s released by powder coats is either zero or extremely close to zero.

The production process is another important environmental factor to consider. The amount of waste generated in the production of powder coating is far less than that of liquid coating. Furthermore, the overspray produced while applying powder coating is highly recyclable, and nearly 100% of the coating can be used.

In conclusion, customers should keep in mind that not only are they doing themselves a great service by purchasing a highly affordable, durable and stylish powder coat, but they are servicing the environment as well!