Like so many boys, Diacono used to dream of being able to fly like Superman. Just as his mentor advised, Diacono followed his heart and became a pilot. Because he attributes his success to having a mentor who taught him about honesty, integrity, and how to treat others, Diacono found it very natural to get involved with Angel Flights. He is a volunteer pilot who transports patients to distant facilities for specialized treatments or sometimes transporting organs for transplants.

“Angel Flights are on call for emergency response within a four hour service radius,” Diacono explains. “My service area goes from Minnesota to Pennsylvania and from the Upper Peninsula to Lower Ohio.”

Angel Flight pilots are volunteers who absorb all of the expenses (usually $500 to $1,500 per mission and for the maintenance, fuel,  insurance liability, etc.) plus their time. Some years, Diacono has flown up to 10 missions.

“It’s my way of showing my gratitude for all that has been given to me. It’s my way to give back to my community,” Diacono says.